Make a Donation

The Hospice Cottage relies heavily on donations to keep providing quality services to those in need at the end of their life’s journey. The donation tree resides in the cottage’s entryway and is symbolic of those who have given back and the community of givers that help with the progress, innovation and expansion of the Hospice Cottage. Whether you have had a loved one that was cared for by the Hospice Cottage in Worthington, Minnesota, or a similar facility, and you feel drawn to give back, please click here for more information.


Send donations to the following:

Hospice Cottage, Inc.

PO Box 203
1935 Woodland Court
Worthington, MN 56187



The success of the Hospice Cottage is also dependent on community volunteers. Whether you are a great cook, you can bake a mean pie, or you can volunteer your physical services such as painting or landscaping, we can use your help. Even the giving of your time to something as simple as reading to or talking to our patients can provide them with a sense of peace, comfort and love. No matter your talent, we invite you, your family and organization or business to join us at the Hospice Cottage, also known as the Sunset Cottage, in Worthington, Minnesota. Please contact us for more information.