Meet the Hospice Cottage Board of Directors

The Hospice Cottage board of directors is a humble, faithful and thoughtful group of individuals. They have come together to continue something so very special in the hospice care arena. The heart, soul and time they have put into the cottage comes from a deep caring for other people. They are always looking to connect with families, patients, visitors, donors and the community. Please meet them below and if you see them on the street, give them a big hug for what they do.

If you want to learn more about how to be involved, volunteer or donate to the worthy cause of the Hospice Cottage in Worthington, Minnesota, please see our donate page or our contact page.

Alan Oberloh, President

Susanne Murphy, Vice President

Don Groninga, Treasurer

Kathy Hayenga, Co-Treasurer

Linda Wolff Albersman, Secretary

Dan Krueger, Board Member

Gary Prins, Board Member

Sharon Lynn, Board Member

Joan Mahlberg, Board Member

Deb Scheidt, Board Member

Nancy Galland, Board Member

Katie Hansen, Board Member